Why Us

Dana Kowen Associates - Employers - Why Us?Quality, service and speed are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Unlike the mega search firms where search consultants are measured by the dollars they generate, our success is based on repetitive engagements and customer satisfaction. 86% of our business is from repeat clients or referrals from satisfied employers and candidates. We are about relationships, not transactions. We build and maintain genuine relationships with candidates and employers. In doing so, we have created a culture of collaboration.

We focus on Human Resources and Sales positions and have solid networks in these areas. This extensive network attracts top talent, leading to a 97% acceptance rate. Our effectiveness is based on learning as much as possible about your critical business needs and your company culture so we can identify and recruit the right candidates for your unique situation. Experience and skills are important but we know that the candidates must also be aligned with the company’s vision, strategy and culture for long-term success. We produce results!

Don’t just take our word for it…read what other employers have said about our services.

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